Deep Fried Goodies

So I have been planning on making deep fried oreos for a while. Today, I finally did it. And I didn’t use just oreos… No, I also included Bounty, a coconut chocolate bar. I also battered and fried Reese cups and banana pieces and my oh my it was wonderful.


Here are the finished yummies. All I did was use pancake batter, dip chilled cookies and candy bars in it and then deep fry them in hot vegetable oil. The hotter the oil, the darker golden the batter becomes. I used a different pot than usual and had trouble controlling the temp; usually I would prefer a slightly lighter brown.

Anyway, on to the fillings! Please excuse any blurriness, my camera is very bad at close ups! (Any suggestions on an inexpensive digital camera that is good for food and friend shots, let me know!)


The cookie that inspired the afternoon. I had seen one of the contestants on America’s Next Top Model chowing down on deep fried oreos. Extremely unhealthy, but so delicious. The oreo becomes soft in the best possible way, the center really creamy and the pancake batter cooked into a fluffy coating.


Deep fried Bounty bar. Bounty bars have two small chocolate covered bars filled with candied coconut filling. I’m not much of a fun, usually, as I find the coconut is so overpowering. Fried in batter is a different story, my friends. The ratio of batter to chocolate to coconut is perfect and the texture of the coconut filling is much creamier than pre-fry.

These were really my favorite. Unfortunately, we only had the two (one package) and I had asked my Giant to save me half of his. He agreed and handed it to me, but when I was ready to eat it only ten minutes later he had already snatched it back and gobbled it up! He had forgotten which one I wanted so I can’t really be mad, but I did make a but of a fuss for a few minutes. No use in making it too easy for him. 😉


These were Reese peanut butter cups. Do you like peanut butter? You will love these. The problem I found was that the peanut to chocolate ratio in the cups themselves was off. Maybe a jumbo cup would be better, as I find the smaller cups just aren’t the same as they used to be.

Imagine melting a peanut butter cup and surrounding it in delicious, fried batter and that is pretty much a deep fried Reese cup. I will definitely make these again.

I also cut up a peeled banana into four pieces, battered and fried them but none of the pictures turned out. What happens is that the banana becomes a soft, warm mushy mass surrounding by the sweet dough. I think these would be an awesome dessert on their own. Served them with vanilla ice cream and drizzle with caramel and pistachios. Delicious. I will definitely be making that!

SO that was our fun Sunday artery clogging fried dessert fest. What do you think?

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One Response to Deep Fried Goodies

  1. Letti says:

    i really want to try it, but i feel myself getting fatter just thicking about it…. but i probably will anyway, who am i kidding?

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